Weed Control

Eliminate ugly and unwanted weeds from your lawn with weed control.

Our Weed Control Services Will

Eliminate Crab Grass, Dandelions, Clovers, Ivy and more.

weed controlWeed Control Programs:

Our early Spring weed control service is a combination of slow release fertilizer and pre-emergent for Crab Grass control. If there is break through with this control, a post emergent will be applied during the summer service call to clean up any crab grass that germinates after the 8 week window of the early spring application.

Weeds such as Dandelions, clover, Ivy etc. are sprayed on every visit as different weeds germinate at different times of the season. It’s not a perfect science as even with Weed Control, the weeds still will germinate throughout the season as there is no residual left after the application. Leaf material needs to be seen to be killed by the herbicide upon application. Lush, thick lawns are the best resistance to weed infestation in your property. It takes Dr. Green Lawn a full season of 4 visits to get the lawns weeds under control due to many of the above mentioned reasons. We can’t eradicate them, just control them.

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