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Limestone NY Lawn Care Programs:

Limestone NY Lawn Care
Four Visit Lawn Care Treatment

The Four-Visit Program, normally commencing in mid to late April, includes four granular slow-release fertilizer applications, weed control, pre-emergence for crabgrass, and surface to subsurface insect control. These four visits are spread out throughout the season generally in intervals of six to seven weeks. The granular slow release fertilizer is all water activated. As mother nature (or your sprinkler) adds water, the fertilizer granules release their nutrients into an active grass plant.

Deluxe Treatment Program
Includes Liming and Aeration

The Deluxe Program includes the four-Visit program mentioned above while also including Liming and Aeration. Lime is critical to a healthy grass plant as it “sweetens” the soil and allows the grass plant to better utilize the fertilizer & nutrients. Aeration is also critical to a healthy turf. Aeration is completed by mechanically pulling plugs (normally the size of your pointer finger) from the turf. This process relieves soil compaction and allows air & moisture to reach the root zone of the turf. As the root structure grows stronger, so does the plant. A healthy root zone means better resistance to drought, better strength against insect attack, and a healthier greener grass plant.

Early Spring: Apply Granular, slow release fertilizer with pre-emergent for Crabgrass control and spray weed control. Some Weeds are harder to control than others, BUT Dr. Green Lawn uses the best and safest weed control products to rid your property of the “ugly” weeds contained within your property lines. That’s what you hired us and that is what we stand on to do. It will take a year to get everything under control as weeds germinate at different times during the growing season.

Late Spring: Apply Granular, slow release fertilizer with surface and subsurface (Grub) insect controls. Weed control is applied again for newly germinated weeds.
Dates of application will vary depending on where you live and our routes are put together. We work East to West on each visit and have a clean up route for those who start after we’ve finished your area.

Summer: Apply the same Fertilizer as on the Late Spring vist and do spot weed control on Crabgrass and summer blooming weeds. Nutsedge (Onion Grass as commonly known) is sprayed as well. Other Lawn Care Cos. won’t spray to control this nasty invader, but Dr. Green Lawn takes the time and effort to take care of it.

Fall: Apply slow release fertilizer w/minerals to promote a healthy root zone and crown of the plant to get it through the winter season. Weeds are touched up again for any left over from previous visits.

Any of the above applications can be selected as 1, 2, 3 or 4 visit programs depending on your choice. You are not going to get the same results with less than 4 visits as those who get the normal 4 visit plan. Dr. Green Lawn ONLY DOES 4 visits MAX to your property and that’s all we have done for the 30+ years we have been in business. 4 visits is ample in our weather conditions in the areas serviced by Dr. Green Lawn. With the products we use, your lawn doesn’t need anymore than 4 visits. The Drs. don’t use liquid Nitrogen as a fertilizer due to its fading after 30 days as well as the build-up of thatch over time from its application.

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Whether you grew up in Limestone NY or moved here, there’s no doubt that it’s a happy place to be with your family. The safe streets and friendly neighbors, the excellent schools, the old town charm, and the wealth of fabulous outdoor spaces: it all adds up to make Limestone NY the perfect place to reside in. The only issue? Your lawn doesn’t look as nice as your neighbors, at least not without a lot of time, research, money and trips to the garden center that frankly, you would just rather spend time doing something else.

Now you can breathe easy, because Dr Green Lawn is here to take your lawn care chores off of your to-do list for good. With convenient and free online booking estimates, including our easy-to-use online bill paying system, it’s never been simpler to have a weed-free lawn. And with all of this convenience, don’t think we’ve forgotten about the right diet for your lawn. Our experienced lawn care professionals know exactly how to get your lawn looking greener than ever.

So put away that hand seeder away. Call Dr Green Lawn today at 800-724-8329 or 716-945-0283, or try out our simple, no-commitment free estimate, and get your own gorgeous yard!

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