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Wouldn’t it be nice to spend your summer weekends relaxing and not worrying about your lawn maintenance? Dr. Green Lawn has been providing Lawn Care Olean NY services since 1983. Allow Dr. Green Lawn to take care of your lawn care needs while you’re at work, or spending time with your family!

Dr. Green Lawn is the leading pro lawn care provider in the Olean NY community. Established in 1983 with quality treatments and affordability in mind we have became one of the most preferred lawn care specialists in Southern New York State and Northern Pennsylvania.

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The Town of Olean was formed in the early 1800s, originally encompassed all the territory of today’s Cattaraugus County.  Olean remained as originally formed until 1812, when it was split to create the Town of Ischua.  Following several splits which created another town within the County, Olean Town and City we know were formed in 1837. The Town and City of Olean are located in the southeast section of Cattaraugus County. The surface of the Town is hilly upland, separated by the valley of the Allegheny River.

Placed on the mighty Allegheny River, which in 1870 was declared a public transportation highway, Olean was afforded cheap transportation to float lumber and field crops to local marekts. Sawmills and tanneries opened up. With the exhaustion of the timber, attention was given to agricultural activities.

Olean is the biggest city in Cattaraugus County. The city’s population climaxed at an estimated 25,000 in the mid 1950s. The current population of the city has dramatically dropped to about 15,000.

Dr. Green Lawn provides Lawn care Olean NY services for commercial properties, residential properties and athletic fields.
lawn care Olean NY

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