Lawn Care Ellicottville NY

Lawn Care Ellicottville NY is a proud tradition. Our climate, especially our long winters, does not allow us the time to care for our lawns the way we may want to, and also cuts into our “leisure time.” Here at Dr. Green Lawn, we understand the importance of your lawns well-being and presence. Our experienced staff will only give your lawn what it needs and never what it doesn’t. For more than 30 years, we have helped provide that vibrant green lawn every homeowner envies. We provide the proper diet to your lawn that includes balanced granular slow-release fertilization, to ensure the look you want year after year.

If you want Lawn Care Ellicottville NY, then leave your lawn care to the doctors at Dr. Green Lawn! We are the local industry leaders with an expert knowledge of the climate in Ellicottville, NY.

Our exclusive Lawn Care Ellicottville NY treatments and programs are:Lawn Care Ellicottville NY

The town of Ellicottville is known for beautiful, rich four seasons that evolve every year. Ellicottville is one of the most picturesque places in Cattaraugus county as the temperatures drop from summertime heat to the autumnal breeze.

Ellicottville, NY is home to two large ski resorts, Holiday Valley and Holimont. Holiday Valley has almost 60 slopes spread across four different hills with a 750-foot vertical drop and 13 lifts. Holimont has eight lifts on over 50 slopes and trails.

The Holiday Valley ski resort is south of Ellicottville’s village. Ellicottville is also home to the Holimont Ski Club, the largest private ski club in North America. Because of the proximity to these two popular skiing destinations, Ellicottville is Cattaraugus County’s hub for winter fun and activities. Property values have raised in recent years as part of a reshaping of the village of Ellicottville, due in part by government restrictions and strict building codes.

The annual “Fall Festival” is held each year, coinciding with the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and the peak of autumn colors. Ellicottville has a large number of festivals throughout the year, including Mardi Gras (which, ironically, is always held during Lent), a “Rock’n’Oldies Weekend”, a “Jazz and Blues Festival,” and a “Taste of Ellicottville”.

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