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Wish you had a lawn as healthy as your neighbors? Dr. Green Lawn has provided Lawn Care Bradford PA services since 1983. As the area’s most preferred and experienced pro lawn care providers, Dr. Green Lawn can bring new life to your home or commercial property. Located in Cattaraugus county, we’re proud to serve our neighbors in Bradford PA. Our dedicated and friendly staff are committed to improving your lawn’s health and beauty.

We live in a four seasons location, which, like every other living thing, affects the way grass grows. At Dr. Green Lawn, we understand the importance of your lawns’ look and curb appeal. Our experienced staff will design a program that best fits your needs. We put you on a program that is effective. For more than 30 years, we have provided hundreds of customers with a lush green lawn. A proper diet to your lawn that includes balanced granular slow-release fertilization, will ensure the look you want year-round.

If you want a lively and green lawn, call the doctors at 716-945-0283 or Request a free estimate from the industry leaders of Lawn Care Bradford PA.

Our exclusive lawn care Bradford PA treatments and programs are:

Lawn Care Bradford PA

Bradford is located on U.S. Route 219 just south of the crossover with I-86 north of the New York State line.

The city of Bradford, PA has a total area of 3.5 square miles and all of it is comprised of land. Bradford is situated in the Allegheny Mountains Valley and is surrounded by forest and hillsides. Two tributaries of the Tunungwant Creek enter Bradford, and then flow north into the Allegheny River just across the New York State line.

Bradford Regional Airport is located about 15 miles south of Bradford, at Mount Alton. The elevation of the city is almost 1,500 feet above sea level. The airport is up higher at over 2,000 feet above sea level. And since the airport is up so high, compared to the city, the coldest reported air temperatures in Pennsylvania are from the Bradford airport. The airport has one of the few National Weather Service stations across the entire northern tier of Pennsylvania. Actual temperatures in Bradford are usually three to seven degrees warmer than at the airport records to the higher elevation.

Your healthy lawn is only a phone call away. When you contact Dr. Green Lawn, we will provide a no-cost, no-obligation free estimate of your property. We will visit your home or business to assess the lawn’s health and appearance, helping us determine what your treatment needs.