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Dr. Green Lawn has been devoted to providing the residents and businesses with Lawn Care Allegany NY for over 30 years. We provide you with a program that best fits your needs. The doctors have been providing the Allegany community for more than 30 years.

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We know the Allegany climate, and can adjust our lawn care products as the weather dictates. We offer flexible programs to fit your lawn care needs, utilizing granular slow-release fertilizer applications.

Our professional lawn care Allegany NY programs and treatments are:Lawn Care Allegany NY

The town of Allegany is in Cattaraugus County, New York, United States. The population was about 8,000 as of 2010.

Allegany is on the southern border of the county, west of Olean, NY. The village of Allegany NY is located within the town.

The origin of the name Allegany is uncertain. It may have come from the name of a tribe called Allegewi that lived along the Allegheny River. Another guess is that it’s an old Native American word that means ‘lovely’ or ‘beautiful.’

The Allegheny River runs directly through Allegany. The Southern Tier Expressway, also known as the I-86, travels across Allegany. NYS Route 417 runs parallel to the Southern Tier Expressway, and New York State Route 16 travels into the southeast corner of the Cattaraugus town.

The southern border is made up of McKean County, Pennsylvania. The towns of Otto and Foster in McKean County is on the southern border. The Towns of Hinsdale and Olean are off to the east border. Allegany shares its northern border with the Town of Humphrey and its western border with the Towns of Great Valley and Carrollton NY.