Lawn Care Wellsville NY

For more than 30 years, Dr. Green Lawn has helped enhance the properties with Lawn Care Wellsville NY services! Our exclusive 4-treatment lawn care program provides the necessary nutrition and fertilization to enrich your lawn. For a lawn to be lush and green through our harsh winters, it needs to be cared for and treated properly.

We utilize an exclusive blend of granular slow-release fertilizer applications to treat your lawn. Our experienced and friendly staff will help you determine the best lawn care program based on your needs and your lawn itself. We take pride in bringing the natural beauty out of your lawn!

Dr. Green Lawn would like to offer our full line of treatment options for your property and lawn in Wellsville NY.

Our exclusive lawn care Lawn Care Wellsville NY treatments and programs are:

lawn care Wellsville NY

Wellsville NY has a total property area of more than 35 square miles of which nearly all of it is land and just 0.10% is water. The Genesee River runs up north through Wellsville. New York State Route 417 crosses New York State Route 19 at the Wellsville center, and NY 19 crosses New York State Route 248 by the south border in Stannards.

Settled in the early 1800’s, Wellsville’s, much as many neighboring towns, based their first economy on the lumber industry. Then latter the leather tanning industry.  Some remnants of those industries remain in the form of railroad paths.  The former Wellsville-Addison & Galeton, PA train route is now bike and jogging path that extends south into Pennsylvania.

As the lumber industry wined down, the oil industry began its boom. The oil legacy can still be seen in the many beautiful public building and private homes that remain, as well as in the oil pumps that dot out some of the hillsides outside Wellsville.

The Sinclair Oil Refinery, once one of the largest oil refineries in the Pennsylvania oil fields, ran an operation in Wellsville until the 1950s.  Many of the old structures are still standing today and are used by the School of Vocational Studies at Alfred State College.

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